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CCLC Likely to Approve Abolishment of FBR Commissioner

Government is considering the abolition of the Commissioner (Appeals) position in FBR to accelerate tax case resolution.

CCLC Likely to Approve Abolishment of FBR Commissioner

The Cabinet Committee may abolish the FBR Commissioner (Appeals) position to expedite tax cases.

A meeting chaired by the federal law minister will consider the Tax Laws Bill 2024.

Tax disputes might directly reach the Appellate Tribunal, bypassing commissioner appeals.

The government plans to streamline tax-related cases by abolishing the Commissioner (Appeals) position.

The Tax Laws Bill 2024 will be presented in the National Assembly post-cabinet approval.

The Prime Minister reportedly directed the FBR to table the bill after cabinet approval.

The government aims to set specific timelines for tribunal members to decide tax cases.

The CCLC agenda also covers rules for appointing the Director General of the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority.

Private board member appointments for the Pakistan Airport Authority will be discussed.

The Prime Minister reportedly directed FBR to table a bill in the National Assembly.

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Discussions include Legal Aid and Justice Authority Rules for 2023 and the privitization division summary.

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