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Bushra Bibi Undergoes Medical Examination at Shifa International Hospital

In a recent development, former First Lady Bushra Bibi underwent a comprehensive medical examination at Shifa International Hospital in Islamabad, as reported by Express News. The spouse of Prime Minister Imran Khan was accompanied by PTI lawyer Intizar Panjootha during the examination, while police personnel were stationed both inside and outside the medical facility.

Bushra Bibi Undergoes Medical Examination at Shifa International Hospital

Hospital authorities strictly regulated access to the medical room during Bushra Bibi’s check-up. PTI lawyer Intizar Panjootha confirmed that the tests have been concluded, and they now await the reports.

Earlier, Bushra Bibi’s spokesperson, Mashal Yusufzai, had revealed through a social media statement that Bushra Bibi was undergoing an endoscopic examination at Shifa International Hospital. She emphasized that Bushra Bibi’s medical examination was conducted under a court order.

The necessity for Bushra Bibi’s medical evaluation arose during a recent hearing at Adiala Jail, where the Accountability Court, responding to requests from both Prime Minister Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi, ordered their medical examinations.

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The completion of Bushra Bibi’s medical check-up underscores the attention to detail and compliance with legal procedures in addressing health-related matters of public figures. As the examination reports are awaited, the developments surrounding this medical evaluation will likely remain under scrutiny, highlighting the intersection of health and legal proceedings in the country’s political landscape.

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