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Bread Price Crackdown Targets Sellers

In a bid to tackle rising bread prices and ensure affordability for citizens, Lahore police, in collaboration with the district administration, have initiated a crackdown on vendors selling bread and naan at inflated rates. Over the past six days, authorities have taken stringent actions, resulting in the arrest of hundreds of suspects across various city divisions.

Bread Price Crackdown Targets Sellers

According to reports, 88 cases have been registered against vendors involved in selling bread at excessive prices, leading to the apprehension of 185 suspects. The crackdown has been particularly robust in different areas, with significant numbers of arrests made in various divisions. Specifically, City Division saw 24 suspects detained, Cantt reported 63 arrests, Soul Lines recorded 32, Saddar accounted for 8, Iqbal Town witnessed 28, and Model Town saw 30 individuals apprehended.

CCPO Lahore, while emphasizing the importance of enforcing regulations, affirmed full support to the district administration in their endeavor to ensure bread is sold at prescribed prices. Additionally, measures are being taken to apprehend those engaged in artificially inflating prices to exploit consumers.

Instructing police officers to maintain close coordination with district authorities, the CCPO underscored the need for indiscriminate action against vendors found guilty of selling bread at exorbitant rates. Furthermore, stringent actions are promised against individuals involved in profiteering and hoarding, with assurances that justice will be served.

The crackdown reflects a concerted effort by law enforcement and administrative bodies to curb price manipulation and ensure accessibility to essential food items for the public. As authorities intensify their efforts, it is expected that such initiatives will contribute to stabilizing prices and fostering an environment of fairness in the market.

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With ongoing vigilance and collaborative measures, the Lahore police and district administration aim to address concerns regarding inflated bread prices while upholding the principles of transparency and accountability in the marketplace.

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