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Brazil Humanitarian Visa For Afghanistan

An Afghan Individual Is Currently Seeking A Temporary Visa To Apply For Humanitarian Reception At The Brazilian Embassies Located In Tehran And Islamabad. The Brazilian Government Has Recently Implemented Significant Changes To Its Humanitarian Visa And Admission Policies, Specifically Addressing The Needs Of Refugees Seeking Asylum From Afghanistan And Those Aiming For Safety Within Brazil. This Applies To The Brazil Humanitarian Visa For Afghanistan In Pakistan And Tehran.

Brazil Humanitarian Visa for Afghanistan 2024 Apply Online

The Brazilian Ministries of Justice, Public Security, and Foreign Affairs have jointly released updated requirements for humanitarian visa and residency permit applications originating from Afghanistan. This policy adjustment has been prompted by Brazil’s increasing role as a destination for Afghan immigrants who have departed from regions controlled by the Taliban, undertaking perilous journeys to eventually reach the United States of America. For information on the Brazil Humanitarian Visa for Afghanistan in 2024, you can find the relevant details through this link. The Brazil Humanitarian Visa for Afghanistan in 2024 is also expected to follow these updated policies.

Brazil Humanitarian Visa for Afghanistan Apply Date

Afghan individuals seeking temporary visas for Brazil are now limited to applying for humanitarian reception exclusively at the Brazilian embassies in Tehran, Iran, and Islamabad, Pakistan. The Brazil Humanitarian Visa for Afghanistan online form is the necessary step for this process. Previously, such authorization could also be obtained at the embassies located in Moscow, Russia; Ankara, Turkey; Doha, Qatar; or Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. For the year 2024, the Brazil Humanitarian Visa for Afghanistan applications in Islamabad will follow this updated procedure.

Brazil updates rules for granting humanitarian visas to Afghans

Title Brazil Humanitarian Temporary Visa For Afghanistan
Visa Type Work, Travel, Business
Vacancies Multiple
Application Started Date October 2, 2024
Last Date to Apply December 31, 2024
Estonia Work Visa Fee Free
Brazil Work Visa Stay Duration 180-day with Two-year Extendable
Job Type Part-time, Residency
Get Visa Click Here to Apply Online

Brazil Humanitarian Visa For Afghanistan In Abu Dhabi

These rules will come into effect on Monday, October 2, and will remain in effect until December 31, 2024. The Brazil Humanitarian Visa for Afghanistan in Islamabad will be subject to these regulations. There will be a 180-day grace period for temporary visas and a two-year grace period for Afghan residency cards. For those wondering how to apply for a Brazil Humanitarian Visa for Afghanistan, the process will adhere to these new regulations.

Brazil Humanitarian Visa For Afghanistan In Turkey

These regulations also pertain to residence permits for individuals who have been impacted by the resurgence of political control by the ultra-conservative Taliban group in Afghanistan in 2021. For the Brazil Humanitarian Visa for Afghanistan in Qatar, the same regulations will apply. Additionally, a noteworthy change involves the issuance of temporary visas, which will be contingent on the capacity of shelter facilities in Brazil.

Brazil Humanitarian Visa For Afghanistan 2024

The capacity management for shelter facilities in Brazil will be overseen through collaborative agreements between non-governmental organizations and the Ministry of Justice and Public Security. It is important to inform you that, as of June 13, 2024, the scheduling of interviews at the Brazilian Embassy in Tehran for humanitarian visas for Afghan applicants has been temporarily suspended.

 Humanitarian Visa for Afghan Citizens

This decision has been made to prioritize and complete the numerous interviews that were previously scheduled. Consequently, the email address [email protected] has also been temporarily disabled.

Brazil Humanitarian Visa For Afghanistan

Brazil Visa Fee For Afghanistan

For individuals from Afghanistan, the Brazil visa fee is minimal. Only the BLS service fee of USD 14 is required to be paid in cash when applying at the Brazil Visa Application Centre. Other than that, the humanitarian visa itself is provided free of charge.

Brazil Visa Requirements for Afghan Citizens

To apply for a Brazilian visa from Afghanistan, the following documents are required:

  1. Valid Travel Documentation

Ensure that you have a valid passport and any other necessary travel documents.

  1. Completed Visa Application

Fill out the visa application form accurately and completely.

  1. Proof of Flight Purchase

Provide proof of your flight ticket to Brazil, demonstrating your intention to travel.

  1. Certificate of No Criminal History

If obtaining a certificate of no criminal history from Afghanistan is not possible, you may provide a statement of no criminal history from any country. Please note that making a false statement is a legal offense (available here).

  1. Legal Admission Confirmation for Iran

The Iranian government requests applicants to additionally confirm their legal admission into Iran, even if it is outdated.

  1. Personal Signature

Each applicant must personally affix their signature to the visa application and any other relevant documents.

  1. Humanitarian Visa Application for Family Members

The following family members may submit a combined application for a humanitarian visa: Mother, Father, Spouse, and younger siblings or children. Each additional family member must submit a separate application. Exceptions are only made for very ill or disabled individuals with the necessary documentation.

  1. Minors Traveling Without Both Parents

If a minor is not accompanied by both parents, they must provide an original, translated, and notarized copy of a travel authorization signed by the absent parent.

  1. Online Application Submission

All necessary documents must be submitted digitally using the online application form. After completing the online form, the candidate should print the electronic receipt, sign it, and attach a 3×4 photo.


To schedule your interview for a humanitarian visa, please adhere to the following steps:

  1. Initiate the application process by using the designated online system. Ensure that all essential documents are submitted through the system, either by uploading images or PDF files.
  2. Once your submitted documents have been thoroughly reviewed and verified, you will have the opportunity to select a suitable interview date and time from the available options.
  3. To submit your documents, kindly follow these steps:
  4. Create an account on the website by providing a login and password. The registration form is accessible below.
  5. Complete the application form, upload the required documents, and proceed to submit it.
  6. Be vigilant about checking your email regularly, as any updates regarding your application status will be automatically communicated to you via email. Given that all communication and processing occur through this system, any inquiries or applications should be directed exclusively to the email address of the consular sector.

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