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Bilal Qureshi Suggests Actresses Steer Clear of Bold Clothing Choices

Karachi:  Explore actor Bilal Qureshi’s perspective on cultural values and clothing choices in this insightful podcast. Discover his thoughts on avoiding bold clothes to prevent criticism and respecting moral and social values. Gain a unique insight into the actor’s views on style and societal norms.

Bilal Qureshi Suggests Actresses Steer Clear of Bold Clothing Choices

Actor Bilal Qureshi shared his thoughts on clothing choices in a recent podcast. He mentioned that wearing bold clothes goes against our cultural and traditional values.

During the podcast interview, Bilal Qureshi suggested that actresses should avoid wearing bold clothes to prevent facing criticism. He shared an incident where a co-star expressed concern about receiving criticism for her bold clothing choices and advised her to refrain from posting such pictures on social media.

While emphasizing that he doesn’t want to engage in religious debates, Bilal Qureshi stated that there are moral and social values that deserve respect. He pointed out that his own wife and sisters never wear bold clothes, yet they still appear beautiful.

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According to Bilal Qureshi, wearing bold clothes may invite criticism from people, and he advised against such choices. He suggested that it’s better to avoid doing things that may lead to criticism.

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