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Big Savings Ahead: 50% Off UAE Flight Tickets Soon!

“Discover budget-friendly travel opportunities! Anticipated airfare reductions of up to 60% in the UAE from mid-January 2024. Plan your affordable journey and explore exciting destinations. Don’t miss out on the travel deals awaiting you!”

Big Savings Ahead: 50% Off UAE Flight Tickets Soon!

Airplane ticket prices in the UAE are likely to go down a lot after mid-January 2024. The prices might decrease by as much as 50-60%, especially for busy routes like the UK, major European cities, South Asia, the Philippines, and even longer routes to the US.

Malou Prado, the CEO of MPQ Travel and Tourism, says that the biggest price drops will happen on long flights from the UAE after the peak winter travel time. Right now, a lot of people want to fly to Dubai, which has made ticket prices very high. This makes it hard for people in the UAE to book last-minute flights. But soon, ticket prices are expected to drop a lot around the world.

For example, the cost of an economy class ticket from London Heathrow to Dubai International will go down from Dh5,135 to Dh2,410. Similarly, a round-trip economy class ticket from New York to Dubai will be Dh3,519 instead of Dh6,487, and the fare from San Francisco to Dubai will be around Dh5,943, down from Dh7,600.

Even though ticket prices are high right now, which is more than 25-50% higher than in September and early October, they are expected to become more affordable soon. Afi Ahmed, Chairman of Smart Travels, says that this low-price period could last until around March 10, especially because fewer families with school-going children and business travelers are expected to travel during this time. This is seen as a good time for people on a budget to visit the UAE.

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People are still very interested in traveling in the UAE and around the world. Carlo Olejniczak, Vice-President and Managing Director for in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, says that there is a strong increase in bookings for the first quarter of the year. The International Air Travel Association (IATA) predicts that about 4.7 billion people will travel in 2024, more than the 4.5 billion in 2019 before the pandemic.

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