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Beloved PSL Host Roha Nadeem Gets Married

“Join the joyous journey of PSL presenter Roha Nadeem as she unveils a new chapter in her life! From cricket aficionado to beloved TV personality, discover the charm and expertise she brings to the cricketing world. Don’t miss the excitement on-screen as Roha returns for PSL season 9!”


Exciting news from the Pakistan Super League (PSL) as popular presenter Roha Nadeem happily shared on Twitter that she got married. Roha, known for her happy smile and cricket knowledge, posted a lovely picture with her new husband, marking the start of a new chapter in her life.

Popular PSL Presenter Roha Nadeem Ties The Knot

Wearing a beautiful teal and magenta bridal outfit, Roha looked joyful and elegant beside her husband, who wore a dark green suit. The couple’s happiness was clear in the photo, capturing a moment of pure joy as they began their journey together. Roha expressed her excitement in the tweet, saying, “Starting 2024 with a brand new innings with this gem of a guy. ♥”

Popular PSL Presenter Roha Nadeem Ties The Knot

Roha Nadeem, a cricket lover since her teenage years, has made a name for herself in sports journalism. Her passion for the game started early, with her first article published at the age of sixteen. Known for her detailed cricket stories in blogs and op-eds for Dawn, Pakistan, Roha has a unique perspective on the sport.


In 2017, Roha gained fame with her TV debut for the Pakistan Cricket Board’s PSL. She became a familiar face in PSL presentations, earning praise for her natural beauty and deep cricket knowledge. In 2021, she expanded her horizons by working with the England Cricket Board and co-hosted the PSL’s seventh draft with Pakistani artist Fakhar-e-Alam.

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Currently, Roha continues to engage cricket enthusiasts with her twice-weekly show on the digital platform Cricwick. Her popularity among fans has grown, making her a beloved figure in PSL presentation teams since her debut. Fans are eagerly waiting to see the happy bride back on their screens for the upcoming PSL season 9.

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