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Bank Alfalah’s Debit Card Annual Fees: January 2024 Update

Bank Alfalah introduces new debit card charges effective from January 1, 2024. Check out the revised schedule for annual fees on various cards, including VISA and PayPal, ensuring easy access to your funds with no extra interest. Stay informed about the latest updates for hassle-free banking.

Bank Alfalah's Debit Card Annual Fees: January 2024 Update

Bank Alfalah has announced that starting from January 1, 2024, they will have new charges for using their debit cards until June 2024. If you have a debit card from Bank Alfalah, it lets you easily get to your money wherever you are. When you use the card, the bank takes the money from your account, but you don’t have to pay any extra money as interest.

Bank Alfalah has different types of debit cards, like VISA Signature Debit Card, VISA Platinum Debit Card, VISA Gold Debit Card, Pehchaan Debit Card, Pehchaan Debit Card, and PayPal Classic Debit Card.

Here are the new charges for the annual fees on Bank Alfalah ATM cards from January to June 2024:

  • Rs2,750/- per year for Classic / AKK Debit Card
  • Rs3,250/- per year for Gold / AKF Debit Card
  • Rs2,750/- per year for Co-badged Debit Card
  • Rs3,250/- per year for Pehchaan Debit Card
  • Rs6,000/- per year for Platinum Debit Card
  • Rs16,000/- per year for Signature Debit Card
  • Rs1,000/- per year for Gold / digital bundle
  • Rs2,300/- per year for PayPal Debit Card

If you have a Gold Card from the Roshan Digital Account, getting the card is free, but there is an annual fee of Rs3,250/-.

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