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Bahrain Work Visa Price In Pakistan

In 2024, the cost of a Bahrain Work Visa for Pakistani citizens is 29 Bahraini Dinar (BD), approximately equal to 77 USD. Bahrain, situated in the GCC region, is a popular vacation spot for Pakistani tourists. Many Pakistanis live and work in Bahrain, and some visit the country to reunite with friends and family. The cost of a Bahrain 2 2-year visa is included in the information. If you’re interested, you can obtain your Bahrain visa from Pakistan through, which provides comprehensive packages at an affordable price. Getting a visa for Bahrain from Pakistan is a simple process – you just need a valid passport, and the expert team at will handle the entire procedure smoothly.

Bahrain Work Visa Price in Pakistan 2024 Requirements

Now, Pakistanis can get Bahrain Work Visas. Bahrain offers a business-friendly environment, allowing complete foreign ownership without restrictions in free zones. Moreover, there are no taxes on corporate entities, personal income, wealth, or capital gains. For information on the Bahrain Visa Price in Pakistan for the year 2024, you can inquire further.

Bahrain Visa From Pakistan

To obtain a Bahrain Azad Visa, all you need is a valid passport, and our team of experts will make the process easy for you. Known as “mini Dubai” because of its excellent infrastructure and diverse population, Bahrain has one of the fastest-growing economies globally. This growth translates into numerous employment opportunities for individuals seeking work in the country. For information on the Bahrain Azad Visa Price, you can inquire further.

Bahrain Work Visa 2024: A Guide to Bahrain’s Employment Permit

To apply for a Bahrain visa, you should initiate the process at least three months before your intended travel date. Bahrain Visa Price 1 Year. Acquiring a Bahrain visa with a Pakistani passport is a straightforward online process, and eVisas are issued online for a fee of 29 BHD for adults. Saudi Work Visa Price in Pakistan. Individuals wishing to live and work in Bahrain must familiarize themselves with the procedures for securing a Bahrain work visa and residency permit. Bahrain 3Month Visit Visa Price In Pakistan.

Bahrain Work Visa for Pakistani 2024

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Bahrain Visa (eVisa) From Pakistan – 2024 Requirements

While allowing ample time for visa processing is essential, it does not alter the application process.  The steps are quite simple: visit the Bahrain eVisa website, click the “Apply” button, and commence the visa application online. We have compiled all the necessary information for obtaining your Bahrain work visa below, and it is recommended that all applications be submitted at least two weeks before your intended travel date. All Country Visa Price in Pakistan.

Commonly Bahrain Visa Fees Can Be:

  1. Bahrain Work Visa Fees: Work visa fees in Bahrain may vary depending on the type of work permit and the duration of the visa. Typically, these fees can range from around 100 Bahraini Dinar (BD) to 500 BD or more.
  2. Bahrain Business Visa Fees: Business visa fees can also vary based on the intended duration and purpose of the visit. These fees might range from 10 BD to 50 BD or more.
  3. Bahrain Study Visa Fees: Study visa fees for students intending to study in Bahrain can range from 10 BD to 50 BD or more.
  4. Bahrain Visitor Visa Fees: Visitor visa fees for tourists and individuals visiting friends or family can range from 5 BD to 25 BD or more.
  5. Bahrain Family Visa Fees: Fees for family visas, which allow family members to join a resident in Bahrain, can range from 5 BD to 25 BD or more.
  6. Bahrain Settlement Fees: The fees for settlement or permanent residence in Bahrain may vary significantly and can be substantial. They typically involve a combination of application fees and other charges.
  7. Bahrain Transit Visa Fees: Transit visa fees for those passing through Bahrain may range from 5 BD to 15 BD.
  8. Bahrain Permanent Residence Visa Fees: Fees for permanent residence visas are typically higher, and the cost can vary based on specific circumstances. It might range from several hundred BD to several thousand BD.
  9. Bahrain Temporary Residence Visa Fees: Temporary residence visas for various purposes, including employment, business, or study, can have fees ranging from 10 BD to 50 BD or more, depending on the specific visa type and duration.
  10. Bahrain Professional Visa Fees: Professional visa fees are determined based on the profession and type of employment. The fees may vary widely, and some professional visas could be expensive.

Bahrain Work Visa Price In Pakistan

A Bahrain Work Visa

A Bahrain work visa is a necessary permit for foreign workers aged 21 to 60 who have secured employment with a Bahraini company. This visa is processed and issued by the Labour Market Regulatory Authority, with the employer or a Bahraini national acting as the sponsor for the worker applying for the Bahrain work visa. The number of visas a company can sponsor is contingent on the size of its office and the foreign quotas stipulated by national regulations. It’s important to note that nationals of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) can enter Bahrain without needing a visa.

Bahrain Visa Information:

Visa Type  E-visa
Validity of Passport  3 months
Photographs Quantity  1
Photographs Size  Passport Size
Time of Processing  3 to 5 days
Minimum Account Balance  136500.
Statement of Bank  6 months

Required Visa Documents from Pakistan

To obtain a Bahrain work visa from Pakistan, you must provide the following documents:

  1. Completed application form.
  2. A scanned copy of your passport.
  3. Proof of hotel booking.
  4. Bank account statement showing a minimum account balance.
  5. Confirmed flight reservation.
  6. A confirmed return ticket from the airline.

Entry Conditions for Bahrain Visa

There are specific entry conditions for the Bahrain visa that you must adhere to:

  1. You must be able to financially support yourself and any dependents during your stay in Bahrain, and you are not allowed to engage in paid employment during your visit.
  2. Your passport must remain valid for the entire duration of your stay in Bahrain or the period of your visa, whichever is shorter. Any dispute regarding passport validity can result in denial of entry to Bahrain.
  3. Visitors departing from Bahrain must possess a confirmed onward ticket.

Bahrain Work Visa Application Process

To obtain a Bahrain work visa, employers must follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the LMRA EMS system and initiate the new work permit application process.
  2. Print the application confirmation.
  3. Check the application status through one of the following methods:
  • Log in to the EMS system using the application ID.
  • Visit the Express Services section on LMRA’s website, using the application ID or the expat’s passport number or personal number.
  • Contact LMRA’s customer service at +973 17506055 and provide the application ID.
  1. Upon approval of the new work permit, pay the required fees through the EMS system or visit an accredited bank.
  2. Print the work permit from the EMS system.
  3. Take the printed work permit to the immigration office to obtain the work permit sticker.

Bahrain Work Visa Fee

The fee for a Bahrain work visa is BD 100 per applicant.

Visa Type Processing Time Fee Apply
Visa Full Package (One month) 14 Working Days BHD 200 APPLY NOW
Visa Full Package (One Year Multiple) 7 Working Days BHD 275 APPLY NOW

Bahrain Work Visa Processing Time

The processing time for a Bahrain work visa is typically 3 to 10 business days if the employee is already in Bahrain and 18 to 25 business days if the employee is located outside Bahrain. Once the employer has paid for the visa, they can access the work permit from the LMRA Expat Management System (EMS) and send it to the employee to facilitate their travel arrangements.

Bahrain Work Visa Renewal

A recent announcement from the Bahrain News Agency states that Shaikh Hisham bin Abdulrahman Al Khalifa, the Undersecretary for Nationality, Passports, and Residence Affairs (NPRA) within the Interior Ministry, has introduced a new service for the renewal of residency and work permits for expatriates who are currently outside Bahrain. This service is applicable to expatriates working in both the commercial and government sectors, including registered laborers and domestic workers. The NPRA is working in collaboration with the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) to provide this renewal service.

Expatriates can access the renewal service through the National Portal of Bahrain for residency permits. For work permits, they have the option to use either the Expatriate Management System or the official LMRA channels.

Bahrain Work Visa Validity

A Bahrain work visa permit remains valid for one to two years, contingent on the sponsor, and provides the employee with residency status in Bahrain.

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