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Ayeza Khan Narrowly Avoids Fire on ‘Jaan-e-Jahan’ Set

“Experience the heart-stopping moment when actress Ayeza Khan narrowly escapes danger on the set of Jaan-e-Jahan. Watch as she thanks Allah for protection in unexpected situations. Follow her journey and feel the love and support from fans that drives her to give her best performances. #AyezaKhan #JaanEJahan #ActorLife”

Ayeza Khan Narrowly Avoids Fire on 'Jaan-e-Jahan' Set

Famous actress Ayeza Khan had a scary moment while filming a scene for the TV show Jaan-e-Jahan with actor Hamza Ali Abbasi.

A video Ayeza shared on her Instagram showed her throwing away a shawl that caught fire during the scene. Unfortunately, the flames spread on the ground, and Ayeza accidentally stepped on the fiery spot.

‘Jaan-e-Jahan’: Ayeza Khan Narrowly Escapes Fire Incident on Set

Ayeza didn’t realize what was happening until someone behind the camera urgently shouted her name. Thankfully, she quickly moved away from the flames, avoiding a dangerous situation.

On her Instagram, the 32-year-old actress thanked Allah for protecting her during unexpected incidents on set. She mentioned the challenges of being an actor and how sometimes unexpected things happen during filming.

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Ayeza expressed her gratitude to everyone for their unconditional support and love, saying it motivates actors to work harder in their careers.

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