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Ayesha Omar Chooses to Depart from Pakistan Permanently

Ayesha Omar, the accomplished actress, model, and singer, shocks fans with her decision to permanently leave Pakistan. Explore the reasons behind her unexpected move and the factors influencing this life-changing decision.

Ayesha Omar Chooses to Depart from Pakistan Permanently

Surprising news is spreading in the entertainment world about Ayesha Omar leaving Pakistan, and her fans are really surprised. Ayesha Omar is a well-known actress, model, and singer in Pakistan. She has been famous for her many talents and has been a big part of the entertainment scene in the country.

Recently, Ayesha Omar talked about why she wants to leave Pakistan. She mentioned concerns about her safety and some personal issues. Ayesha, known for her role in the TV show Bulbulay, shared her decision to move abroad, and people are wondering why.


In a recent interview on the FHM podcast, Ayesha talked about why she made this decision. The 42-year-old actress compared the safety of women in two big cities in Pakistan, Karachi and Lahore. Despite having many fans, Ayesha Omar said she feels unsafe in Karachi but considers Lahore to be safer.

Ayesha Omar explained that her experiences during college life and using public transport made her feel unsafe. She mentioned harassment as one of the reasons that might make her leave Pakistan, even though she loves the country and has a special liking for Hunza.

Apart from safety concerns, Ayesha Omar’s decision is also influenced by her personal life. She said she is ready to take the next step and settle down. This is surprising because earlier she had admitted to being afraid of becoming a mother. Now, she expressed her desire to get married and become a mother.

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Ayesha Omar shared some details about her family, revealing that her mother wanted her to marry someone from Turkey or Europe instead of Pakistan. She explained that her mother faced many challenges as a single parent after her father passed away when her mother was only 30 years old. Despite her mother’s concerns, Ayesha Omar decided to pursue her career in Pakistan.

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