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Army Battles Terrorism in Tank, Successfully Thwarts Attack in Khyber

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Army Battles Terrorism in Tank, Successfully Thwarts Attack in Khyber

There was a bad event in Tank. Some bad people attacked the police. This happened for six hours on Friday. The police fought back against the attackers. According to SAMAA TV, three bad people are still in the area where the police are. They are trying to remove them.

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The police and security forces are all around the place that got attacked. During the fight, one police officer died, and three others got hurt. One of the bad people went into the police area exploded things and threw grenades.

Army personnel foiled a terrorist attack in Khyber

In another event in Khyber, at the Nala Joint Post in Bara, bad people attacked the security forces. Two people from the forces died. The attackers used heavy weapons like grenades, and seven soldiers and one policeman got hurt. They were taken to Peshawar for help. Even though the forces fought back, the bad people got away.

This shows how serious the problem of terrorism is, and it reminds us that we need to be very careful about security.

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