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Ant Group and NayaPay Partner to Enable Seamless Payments for Pakistani Travelers in China

In a significant collaborative effort, Ant Group has joined forces with NayaPay, along with 11 overseas payment partners of Alipay+ and major international card organizations, to introduce a groundbreaking program in Beijing. This collaboration positions NayaPay as the pioneering fintech platform in Pakistan, enabling users to make payments via the app at Alipay+’s extensive network of 80 million merchants across China, coinciding with the surge in bilateral trade and visits between the two countries.

Ant Group and NayaPay Partner to Enable Seamless Payments for Pakistani Travelers in China

The initiative, launched in collaboration with local merchants, tourism sites, and commercial districts, aims to enhance the experience of international visitors while simultaneously boosting business opportunities for local merchants.

Ant Group now offers two mobile payment alternatives for overseas visitors in China. Alipay+, a suite of cross-border mobile payment and digitalization technology solutions under Ant International, enables overseas consumers to use their home e-wallets across China seamlessly.

Travelers also have the option to bind major international bank cards, including Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Discover®, and Diners Club International, to an Alipay app. This integration grants access to a diverse range of local Alipay services, spanning shopping, dining, ride-hailing, and public transportation across the Chinese mainland, without necessitating a local bank account or phone number.

As part of the International Consumer Friendly Zones program, Ant Group will collaborate closely with partners to significantly enhance the accessibility and convenience of these mobile payment options for international visitors. Efforts will focus on refining services at key locations frequented by travelers, including transportation hubs, tourism attractions, hotels, and shopping districts.

NayaPay’s participation in this collaboration marks a significant milestone as the 11th overseas and first Pakistani payments platform to operate in China, following the footsteps of other international players such as AlipayHK, Changi Pay, HiPay, Kakao Pay, MPay, Naver Pay, OCBC Digital, Toss Pay, Touch ‘n’ Go eWallet, and TrueMoney.

Welcoming overseas travelers, Ant Group, along with its partners, has initiated extensive merchant and consumer education and marketing campaigns to facilitate the seamless adoption of these payment solutions.

Danish A. Lakhani, CEO of NayaPay, expressed his excitement, stating, “Today marks a monumental milestone in the commercial relationship between China and Pakistan as we witness the establishment of the first direct payment channels between our two nations.”

YIN Xiaolong, Vice President and General Manager at Visa Mainland China emphasized Visa’s commitment to collaborating with partners to enhance payment experiences for international tourists, promoting economic exchanges and thriving communities.

Chao Zhan, Vice President of NUCC of China, highlighted NUCC’s support for mobile payment services, aiming to enhance business continuity and increase the availability of overseas e-wallets and mobile payment services for international visitors.

Jake Xue, General Manager of Global Business Services at Ant Group, stressed the importance of seamless payment experiences for international travel and broader cultural and economic exchange, promising further expansion of cross-border technology and service cooperation.

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