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Ally Khan Discusses Steamy Kiss Scenes with Kajol

Ally Khan has recently discussed his experience of kissing his co-actor Kajol in the web show ‘The Trial’. This marks not only her first venture into the world of web series but also her first on-screen lip-lock. Having debuted in 1992 with the film Bekhudi, the actress had refrained from kissing her co-stars for the past 31 years, until now. ‘The Trial – Pyaar, Kaanoon, Dhokha’ is a skillfully executed legal drama that explores various themes. It relies on courtroom arguments, testimonies, and events that disrupt people’s lives, leading to moral dilemmas.

After gaining attention for her role in Lust Stories 2, Kajol is now making headlines with her debut OTT series, ‘The Trial – Pyaar Kanoon Dhokha’. Interestingly, for this recently released series, she has broken her no-kissing policy after 29 years. Ally Khan emphasized the importance of having only essential personnel present on the closed set during filming.

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‘The Trial’ revolves around a mother who struggles to support her family after her husband becomes entangled in a bribery and sex scandal. Fierce lawyers engage in intense battles, leaving no holds barred. The web show, which premiered on OTT today, follows the journey of Kajol’s character as she returns to the legal profession after her husband’s arrest.

Ally Khan Discusses Steamy Kiss Scenes with Kajol

Ally Khan further mentioned that there was no shame, embarrassment, or hesitation while filming the kissing scene. He emphasized the significance of this point. Kajol’s character, Noyonika Sengupta, is compelled to join a law firm to make ends meet. She secures a job at a firm co-owned by Vishal Choubey, played by Alyy Khan.

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The story unfolds with upheavals in their personal lives as well as those of their clients and colleagues. Reflecting on his kissing scene with Kajol, Alyy mentioned that it was shot at an upscale hotel, and the director offered them the option of a closed set. Kajol is widely acclaimed as one of the most talented actresses in the Bollywood film industry.

It is revealed that Vishal happens to be Noyonika’s ex-boyfriend from their college days. Meanwhile, the series also portrays a woman – a wife, mother, and former lawyer played by Kajol – who resurfaces from retirement following a sex scandal involving her husband. In this context, a closed set means that only essential personnel will be present.

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Kajol has established herself as a reliable star due to her comedic timing and ability to handle emotionally challenging situations. Later, Noyonika and Vishal broke up, and she married Rajeev Sengupta (played by Jisshu Sengupta). The eight-episode series on Disney+Hotstar, adapted from the multi-season CBS show ‘The Good Wife,’ has been adjusted to suit the Indian narrative.

The actor further shared that there was no shame, embarrassment, or hesitation while filming the scene. He mentioned that the celebrities rehearsed the scene multiple times. Have you ever witnessed Kajol kissing on-screen? It’s a rarity, wouldn’t you agree? The Bollywood diva broke her no-kissing rule for ‘The Trial’ by engaging in kissing scenes with her co-stars during the filming of this legal drama, thus violating her own policy. Interestingly, Alyy Khan had previously mentioned his kiss with Kajol in January 2023.

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