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AIOU Spring 2024 Admissions Open on January 15

“Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) welcomes applicants for Spring 2024! Explore diverse programs, including online options for international students. Admissions open on January 15, 2024 – apply now for a flexible and accessible education at”

AIOU Spring 2024 Admissions Open on January 15

In Lahore, Allama Iqbal Open University, which is the biggest distance education system in Pakistan, has announced the admission schedule for the spring semester of 2024. The first phase of admissions will start on January 15, 2024, in all four provinces of Pakistan, Azad Kashmir, and Gilgit-Baltistan. This includes programs like Matriculation, ICom, FA Curriculum (Secondary Special), Certificate Courses, BS (Face-to-Face), MPhil, and Ph.D.

AIOU Spring 2024 Semester Admissions Launching on January 15

In this first phase, they are accepting admissions for various programs like Matric (General), Matric Dars e Nizami (Sanwiya Ama), F.A (General), F.A Dars e Nizami (Sanwiya Khasa), I.Com, certificate courses, BS (face to face), MPhil, and PhD programs. The university is also making education accessible to overseas Pakistanis and international students.

لاہور:پاکستان کی سب سےبڑی فاصلاتی نظام تعلیم پرمبنی علامہ اقبال اوپن یونیورسٹی نے سمسٹر بہار 2024ء کے داخلوں کا شیڈول جاری کردیا. تفصیلات کے مطابق پہلے مرحلے کے داخلے ملک کے چاروں صوبوں، آزاد کشمیراورگلگت بلتستان میں ایک ساتھ 15جنوری 2024 سے شروع ہونگے، اس مرحلے میں پیش کئے جانے والے پروگرامز میں میٹرک(جنرل)، میٹرک درس نظامی(ثانویہ عامہ)، ایف اے(جنرل)، آئی کام، ایف اے درس نظامی(ثانویہ خاصہ)، سرٹیفکیٹ کورسز، بی ایس(فیس ٹو فیس)، ایم فل اور پی ایچ ڈی پروگرامز شامل ہونگے۔تمام پروگراموں کے داخلہ فارمز اور پراسپکٹس یونیورسٹی کی ویب سائٹ پر15جنوری سے آن لائن دستیاب ہوں گے۔

Now, anyone from any country can enroll in matriculation, intermediate, and I.Com programs to improve their education. The entire admission process is online, and everything from admission to getting certificates/degrees will be handled through the online system.

AIOU Admissions 2024 Apply Online

If you’re interested, you can find prospectuses and admission forms for all programs on the university’s website ( starting January 15, 2024. For BS (face-to-face), MPhil, and PhD programs, you can only apply online. However, for matriculation, intermediate, and I.Com, you have the option to submit the admission forms manually or online.

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