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After 11-Year Wait, Plot Owners in Lahore’s LDA City Receive Exciting News

“LDA City Lahore delivers long-awaited joy as beneficiaries finally receive possession of their plots after an 11-year wait. Commissioner Lahore’s pivotal decision brings relief to over 1,500 allottees in C Block, featuring amenities like parks and sports complexes. A significant milestone achieved with Chenab Road Bridge completion and ongoing development, marking a new era for LDA City residents.”

After 11-Year Wait, Plot Owners in Lahore's LDA City Receive Exciting News

In big news, many people who have been waiting for a long time to get their land in Lahore Development Authority (LDA) City will finally get it today, December 30. This marks the end of their 11-year-long wait.

The decision to give the land to the people was made in an important meeting led by Commissioner Lahore and LDA DG Muhammad Ali Randhawa.

During the meeting, it was shared that everything is ready for giving plots in LDA City’s Jinnah Sector C Block. In the first phase, more than 1,500 people in C Block will get their land. The plots vary in size from 5 to 10 marlas, as well as one and two canals.

C Block, which is 1,200 kanals big, has parks, a sports complex, a cricket stadium, and other facilities for the people.

It was reported that the Chenab Road Bridge structure is completed, and finishing work is happening. The facilitation center is progressing quickly, and there will be an award for acquiring the remaining land in the Jinnah Sector.

The Commissioner of Lahore, emphasizing the resolution of a long-standing problem, said that the concerns of LDA City allottees have been addressed as per the caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab’s instructions.

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The meeting had important people like the Additional DG Headquarters, the Director of LDA City, and the Project Director. This shows a joint effort to bring relief to the allottees who have been waiting for many years.

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