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Adele Criticizes Object-Throwing Audience Behavior

Adele has joined the chorus of artists expressing their concerns about a disturbing trend during her performance in Las Vegas. Lightening the mood with humor, she jokingly threatened to “kill” anyone who dared to throw something at her. In her remarks, Adele referred to recent incidents involving Pink, who had a fan’s mother’s ashes and a wheel of brie thrown at her, as well as Bebe Rexha, who suffered a black eye from being hit by a phone. Adele emphasized the need for fans to stop throwing objects at artists, pointing out that such actions are unacceptable. Adele Criticizes Object-Throwing Audience Behavior.

During her Las Vegas residency titled ‘Weekends with Adele,’ the Grammy-winning artist addressed the crowd, highlighting the current lack of show etiquette and the tendency of people to throw objects on stage. In a widely circulated video clip, Adele was seen holding a T-shirt gun, using it to remind the audience about the importance of show etiquette. As a playful gesture, she fired a T-shirt into the crowd. Traditionally, fans have thrown small and soft items like scarves, teddy bears, or flowers as a token of appreciation at the end of performances.

Adele Voices Disapproval of Objects Being Thrown on Stage by Audiences

In a light-hearted yet explicit manner, Adele dared the audience to throw something at her, acknowledging the recent incidents involving Pink and Hozier. At Pink’s recent show in London’s Hyde Park, a fan’s ashes were thrown onto the stage, while Hozier received a crocheted plushie in the colors of the trans pride flag during his performance at Malahide Park. Although Adele herself is known for throwing shirts into the crowd during her Vegas residency, her comments were aimed at discouraging the practice of hurling objects onto the stage.

Adele Criticizes Object-Throwing Audience Behavior

Addressing the issue of fans throwing hard objects at artists, Adele expressed her confusion and disbelief when a plastic bag was thrown containing what appeared to be someone’s mother. She remarked, “This is your mom? I don’t know how to feel about this.” While it is not uncommon for artists to be showered with objects, both out of adoration or disgust, recent months have witnessed a rise in incidents where fans have thrown hard objects directly at the performing artist. Fortunately, the wheel of brie that was thrown at Adele during her set was received more positively.

Adele Takes a Stand Against Audience Members Throwing Objects on Stage

These occurrences are not isolated incidents. Rapper Kid Cudi had to leave the stage during his 2022 performance at Rolling Loud Miami after fans threw multiple water bottles at him. Similarly, Lil Nas X had an amusing reaction when a sex toy was thrown onto the stage during his performance in Sweden last week. Reflecting on his early days with Oasis, Noel Gallagher recounted instances where he would often end up with a black eye or a busted nose due to objects thrown by the audience. He issued a stern warning, stating that he would walk off the stage if any more items were thrown at him.

In conclusion, artists being pelted with objects, whether as a gesture of admiration or animosity, is not a new phenomenon. However, it is crucial for fans to show respect and refrain from throwing objects at performers. The safety and well-being of the artists should always be a priority, ensuring an enjoyable and memorable experience for both the performers and the audience.

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