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Activate and Use StandBy Mode on iPhone [iOS 17]

iOS 17 represents the latest update incorporating numerous new features. The Public Beta version, released by Apple on Wednesday, July 12, encompasses a variety of updates that truly enhance the platform, both in terms of entertainment and usefulness. I have personally tested and experienced all these updates, and I must admit that it’s been a while since a new iOS feature resonated with me so well. It’s almost unbelievable that the iPhone didn’t have these features from the beginning. Among the innovative additions, one in particular has garnered significant attention from iPhone users worldwide: the remarkable StandBy function. Activate and Use StandBy Mode on iPhone [iOS 17].

As you may have heard, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the Contact Posters. StandBy, in case you missed it during this year’s swift and dynamic WWDC announcements, introduces a new docking mode for the iPhone. This feature allows you to transform your iPhone into a versatile smart display or a reliable nightstand companion. Creating Contact Posters is straightforward and doesn’t require much effort. However, since some individuals may not feel comfortable displaying their face during every call (although that’s just one option, of course), it may not be an entirely enjoyable feature for everyone. Activate and Use StandBy Mode on iPhone [iOS 17].

Mastering StandBy Mode on iPhone [iOS 17]: A Step-by-Step Guide

When your phone’s screen is off and in landscape orientation while charging, it seamlessly transforms into a widget machine. Since its introduction, iPhone StandBy has made a lasting impact. Personally, the selected widgets bring me a sense of joy. You have the option to display a full-screen clock, a clock alongside your calendar, a full-screen slideshow of your photos, music controls, your daily activity progress, weather updates, Live Activities, and much more.

Activate and Use StandBy Mode on iPhone [iOS 17]

The ability to personalize the iPhone as a smart display captivates users across the globe. Now, please bear with me, as not every named feature is meant to be uproariously amusing. Essentially, StandBy turns your iPhone into a compact and intelligent display. While you can interact with Siri and view notifications, its primary purpose is to provide something visually pleasing even when your phone is inactive. In addition to displaying the time, it offers the flexibility to showcase a calendar widget or even your favorite photo.

Unlocking the Power of StandBy Mode on iPhone [iOS 17]: A Comprehensive Tutorial

Why Apple didn’t introduce this feature earlier is a mystery to me, but iOS 17 finally includes a StandBy mode that transforms your iPhone into a bedside alarm clock. Now you can read the time with one groggy eye open before rolling over and falling back asleep. You don’t need any special accessories to utilize StandBy—just a charger and a way to prop the phone upright on its side.

If you’re curious about how the StandBy feature functions and wish to fully explore its potential on your iPhone, you’ve come to the right place. This feature is compatible with all iPhones supporting iOS 17, going back to iPhone 8. However, StandBy isn’t entirely functional without an Always On display, which is exclusively available on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The precise angle of uprightness required to activate StandBy is still unknown to me, but it seems to be somewhere around 45 degrees.

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