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3 Month Dubai Medical Permit to Practice for Foreigners Announced By Dubai Health Authority

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) just said that they have a new short-term permit for doctors who want to work in Dubai. This permit lasts for three months and is called the Dubai Medical permit to practice. It lets doctors from other places come to the UAE and work in Dubai.

3 Month Dubai Medical Permit to Practice for Foreigners Announced By Dubai Health Authority

Dubai wants to make it easy for skilled workers from other countries to come and work there. They believe that having a skilled workforce is important for Dubai to become a global business hub.

The announcement was made at the Arab Health Congress 2024 happening in Dubai. The DHA thinks that this new permit is a good idea and can help the local health system handle emergencies and crises better.

Dubai is making changes to its immigration rules to make it easier for foreign doctors to come and work in the country. The goal is to have more medical professionals in the country and improve medical services in government hospitals. This new Dubai medical permit is part of these changes.

The DHA says that this temporary permit is for visiting doctors who can bring their expertise to help with the demand for healthcare practitioners in the emirates. However, getting this permit doesn’t automatically mean getting a professional license for long-term practice.

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Dr. Marwan Al Mulla, the CEO of DHA’s Health Regulation Sector, stressed that getting the permit doesn’t guarantee quick approval for a full professional license. There are specific conditions mentioned in the Unified Professional Qualification Guide that need to be met for a full license to be granted.

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