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3 Irresistible iOS 17 Features to Install the Public Beta Now

iOS 17 introduces numerous updates to the iPhone, both significant and minor, and you can now test them by downloading the iOS 17 public beta. We have personally tried it out, and while some features are in better shape compared to iPadOS 16, there is still room for improvement. While some Apple enthusiasts argue that you can already accomplish similar tasks through the Notes app, those who eventually update their devices to iOS 17 will enjoy a much more enhanced documenting experience. 3 Irresistible iOS 17 Features to Install the Public Beta Now.

It is understandable to exercise caution when installing any beta version; however, Apple’s public betas are generally stable. Moreover, since WWDC, Apple has already released three developer betas, allowing them ample time to refine the software. Initially, switching between full-screen apps on an iPad was only possible by double-pressing the home button, similar to an iPhone. However, it wasn’t until 2015 that split-screen apps and slide-over functionality were introduced.

“Discover 3 Intriguing Features of iOS 17 That Will Tempt You to Install the Public Beta Now”

With the iOS 17 Journal app, you not only have the freedom to compose and type new entries but also receive personalized recommendations generated by on-device machine learning. I have been using the public beta since its launch, and while I must admit that the battery drain feels slightly more noticeable, it is not significant enough for me to revert back to the previous version. Nonetheless, it is worth noting, especially for those who cannot easily charge their devices during the day.

3 Irresistible iOS 17 Features to Install the Public Beta Now

Stage Manager was announced as a solution to multitasking in 2022 but was released in a buggy state in iPadOS 16. Its snappable grid made it frustrating to arrange apps as desired. Journal, on the other hand, seamlessly integrates with the iPhone and can collect information such as your location for the day, photos or videos taken, contacts you’ve interacted with, songs or podcasts listened to, and even your workouts.

“Unveiling 3 Thrilling iOS 17 Features That Will Compel You to Install the Public Beta Instantly”

The good news is that if you encounter any serious issues, downgrading from iOS 17 to iOS 16 is straightforward. However, based on our experience with iPadOS 17, we may finally be able to recommend this feature, particularly to avid iPad users. Although Apple recently released the public beta version of iOS 17, enabling iPhone users to explore new features, our own testing suggests that Journal is not included in the pre-release.

Now that we have addressed that, let’s discuss the features that might entice you to dip your toe into the potentially uncertain waters of the iOS 17 public beta. Here are three of the most compelling additions thus far. As is customary, iPad receives last year’s significant features, so widgets have finally made their way to the lock screen. Although this means that people may have to wait until the official launch of iOS 17 to fully experience Journal, a brief demonstration during the 2023 Apple Worldwide Developers’ Conference provided enough glimpses to generate excitement.

“Explore 3 Exciting iOS 17 Features That Will Entice You to Install the Public Beta Right Away”

Taking the lead on this list is Personal Voice, a new accessibility feature in iOS 17 that allows your iPhone to simulate your voice for use with text-to-speech tools. However, instead of being scattered, all widgets are displayed on the left side, and you can add as many as the column allows. Upon launching Journal, you can select “New Entry” and start on a fresh page.

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