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25000 Prize Bond Dec 2024– Check Draw Date

25000 Prize Bond Dec 2024– Check Draw Date- Discover the thrill of the Rs25000 Prize Bond draw in December 2024! Explore a secure investment opportunity regulated by the central bank, offering exciting chances to win cash prizes. Stay tuned for the latest winners and prize amounts on Monday. Invest wisely with Prize Bonds for a risk-free financial adventure!

25000 Prize Bond Dec 2023 – Check Draw Date

Do you know about the Rs25000 Prize Bond? It’s like a safe way to invest money, and the government ensures everything is fair. These special bonds are from National Savings, and many people in Pakistan buy them, hoping to win big prizes.

The government of Pakistan has collected a lot of money through these prize bonds. You can win a cash lottery! If you don’t win the big prizes, don’t worry. You can still get your money back from any bank, or you can wait for the next chance to win.

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25000 Prize Bond 2024

The best part is, that you don’t lose your money with these Prize Bonds. They come in different amounts; the next draw is for the Rs25000 Prize Bond.

25000 Prize Bond Winning Amount

Prize Bond Rs25000/- 01 Rs 30,000,000 1st Prize
Prize Bond Rs25000/- 05 Rs 10,000,000 2nd Prize
Prize Bond Rs25000/- 700 Rs 300,000 3rd Prize

25000 Prize Bond Winners

On December 11, 2024 (Monday), the Rawalpindi office will choose the winners for the Rs25000 Prize Bond. To know who wins the big prizes, check out the Pakistan Observer or visit their website on Monday.

Here’s the exciting part: The top prizes for Rs500, Rs5,000, and Rs10,000 are Rs2 million, Rs20 million, and Rs40 million! Imagine winning that much money!

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