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£190 Million Scam: Decree Issued to Label Malik Riaz and Others as Wanted Criminals

Discover the latest developments in the £190 million scam case as an official order is issued to declare Malik Riaz and other individuals as proclaimed offenders. Stay informed on the unfolding legal proceedings and accountability measures.

£190 Million Scam: Decree Issued to Label Malik Riaz and Others as Wanted Criminals

The court in Islamabad is taking steps to declare some people as wanted because they are not following the law. This includes former Prime Minister’s accountability adviser Shahzad Akbar, former Prime Minister’s special assistant Zulfi Bukhari, property tycoon Malik Riaz, Farah Gogi, and others in a case involving 190 million pounds.

The court has given the order to put up notices outside the homes of these people, saying they are not obeying the law and are hiding to avoid being arrested. The court believes that these people are purposely not cooperating with the law to disrupt the justice system.

The court wants to make it known that these people are wanted, so it has ordered that the notices should not only be posted outside their homes but also read out in the areas where they live. The court plans to take further action on January 6.

In the past, there were troubling findings in an investigation about a 190 million-pound scam involving former Prime Minister Imran Khan and others. Records of communication with the UK’s National Crime Agency, which were kept by the Asset Recovery Unit of the previous government, have disappeared.

The report also mentions a meeting between Malik Riaz, former Prime Minister Imran Khan, and former accountability adviser Shahzad Akbar before the settlement of the 190 million pounds.

This missing record was in the possession of Shahzad Akbar and Ziaul Mustafa Naseem, and it disappeared to hide illegal activities, according to the report. The Cabinet Division looked into the missing records to find out what happened.

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